HOUSE OF TOYOLS is a small Bangkok-based professional media production company specialising in film and video production for commercial and artistic purposes, as well as film and production coordination services.

The company was started in 2011 by Solarsin Ngoenwichit, an artist and filmmaker whose career in media production spans more than two decades. His involvement with the film industry began in 2004, when he worked as art director on Ham Tran’s Journey from the Fall in the United States. Since then he has worked on ten international feature films shot in Thailand and Vietnam, mostly as set decorator, as well as on a variety of smaller video projects as director, cinematographer and editor.

The company has brought together a dedicated team of media professionals and has benefited greatly from individual talents and experience of its members. We have worked on feature films and documentaries, television, commercial and corporate videos, music videos and video presentations, theatre production and set design. We have organised international large-scale publicity events, conferences and exhibitions. Over the years we have developed a network of contacts within the Thai film and entertainment industry which makes us confident that we can offer our clients the best solutions for their project.

Although the core of our expertise is media production (cinematography, directing, editing, art and graphic design) we also provide film production and coordination services. We are licensed to coordinate domestic and foreign film production in Thailand. We can help arrange all the necessary permits and documentation for foreign filmmakers wishing to film in Thailand, assist with hiring cast and crew and renting filming equipment, and facilitate the search for shooting locations. Our services include the following:

shooting permits
film commission
translation services
visa & work permits
insurance & taxes
cast & crew
production designers
set decorators

art department
lighting & sound
make-up & costumes
stunts & visual effects
editors & digital FX artists

cameras & lenses
lighting & sound
cranes & dollies
rigging & scaffolding
location scouting
location facilities & services
studios & stages
set design & construction
catering and transport